Big Night In

by Big Night In

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Mike Petruccelli
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Mike Petruccelli BIG ASS RIFFS AND SOUNDS FROM SOME COOL DUDES. STAY IN, GET DRUNK, ETC. Favorite track: Perfect Storm.
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Recorded at Wall 2 Wall Recordings / Multi Track Chicago between October and December of 2015. Album artwork by Jeremy Mlodik.


released April 1, 2016

Recorded/mixed/mastered by Ben "90 Guitars" Standage

Ben Standage - Bass/Vocals
Dave Mattfield - Guitar/Vocals
David Hughes - Drums



all rights reserved


Big Night In Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Kinda Livin' It Up
when is it enough?

racing home with the sauvignon
I’ll try not to stop at the bar
you know my slippers are going on
as soon as I park the car

I’m kinda livin’ it up
I’m kinda diggin’ my rut
I’m kinda livin’ it up
I think I’ve partied enough

this indulgence is getting ridiculous
I average 10 hours a night
and on the rare occasion I’m liquored up
I’ll probably wake up alright
Track Name: Big Night In
it’s 11:00 and I think I should forget it
but if I do, I might regret it
If I force myself to have a good time—
maybe i should ghost without a word, I don’t want to stay here

if I had creative success
back before I sold off my time
I’d have a bed of laurels to rest on
instead of faded couches, getting high

I no longer have to worry about impressin’
but that’s what I find distressin’
I’ll never see these kids again why would I bother—
step out of your head or you’ll be dead before you even get there

if I had creative success
back before I sold off my time
I’d play off my dreams of being a has-been
instead of writing what-might-have-been lines
Track Name: Perfect Storm
I’m not an angry man
but I just can’t stand
the luck I’ve been having lately
I’ll try to turn it around
but it all compounds
becomes impossible to shake it

at least it’s not terminal…

when you know that you’re an addict
but you just can’t put it down
when you thought they were for real
but they just messin’ around
when you thought they had the answers
but they’re clueless as the rest
you’re over it now, you couldn't care less

when your co-workers are assholes
and your boss is being a dick
when your day off comes around
and you end up getting sick
when it’s just a first world problem
but it’s still getting you down
you’re over it now
you’ve thrown in the towel

when the sky turns black
and there’s no turning back
you’re committed to disaster
it’s a perfect storm
it’s murphy’s law
you’re the bitch and fate’s your master

at least it’s not terminal…

when you’re working overtime
but they’re somehow paying less
when you’re eighty dollars down
and you know you’ll lose the rest
when the very worst decision
just seems to make itself
you’re over it now
you’re out for the count
when everyone is finished
but you’re only halfway through
when you spot that one time-waster
and the fucker comes to you
when you’re trying to fix her up
but she ends up breaking down
you’re over it now
you’ve thrown in the towel
Track Name: Boyfriend's Girlfriend
she pulls a shot and pours it easy
the best part of my day
I’ve got a date with desperation
despair and self-pity

she has my fix wrapped in a fake smile
she doesn’t have to say
the other friend that misery loves…
pretending you’re okay

just like your boyfriend
I have his girlfriend’s blues

the one thing we have in common
the only thing we get right
is sleepwalking through the day-crowd
we don’t do well at night
Track Name: Hospital Gowns
I recall getting rolled down the hall like it’s nothing at all
is this real and how far did I fall?
it felt like sleep under water
the blanket muffled the sound
I’m pretty sure I was left there for hours
in a tangle of cables and wires
with a spike sticking out of my arm and countless alarms
I began to consider reform

and then I thought...

I have to say goodbye
I gotta stay inside

my heart is failing
but it still knows how to pound
think it’s going to kill me
beware the next round
it may all been soaked in lies
but there’s truth if you break it down

my heart is failing
but it sure knows how to pound
think it’s going to kill me
where’s the next round?
it’s why I had to crawl away
it’s why I have a hospital gown
it may all been soaked in lies
but there’s truth if you break it down